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$12.00 (this price includes shipping and handling!) - This is the new "Here I Am" album.  This album is the culmination of over 10 years of songwriting inspired by changes in the way I see the world.  My hope is that this album challenges listeners to examine their preconceptions about the world and think for themselves.  I sing each song, and every song is backed by instruments, often played by some well-known Nashville musicians.



$10.00 (this price includes shipping and handling!) This is an album I wrote while watching my dad die of cancer.  It was a therapeutic process to create it, and some people who have gone through similar things find it to be an enjoyable, though often heart-rending, experience to listen to it.



$12.00 (this price includes shipping and handling!) - My newest instrumental piano album.  This is an album which was inspired by my own journey through life.  I hope it will resonate with many of you as well.  It loosely follows the path of a caterpillar who changes into a butterfly through the difficult process of going into a chrysalis and experiencing a complete transformation.



$10.00 (this price includes shipping and handling!) - A quiet album of instrumental piano.  This album has been used for meditation, yoga, relaxation, and I've even heard about people enjoying it while driving or as classroom background music.  It seems to find a nice balance, as it's interesting enough not to make you sleepy, but relaxing enough to let you focus your mind on other things while you listen.  None of these songs were planned beforehand.  They were all played in moments of quiet inspiration, and took shape on their own.



  $12.00 (this price includes shipping and handling!) - On this album, I sing old hymns the way I grew up hearing them in my grandparents' church.  Dedicated to my grandmother, "Granny," who passed away on December 13, 2012.




$10.00 (this price includes shipping and handling!) - This album is me playing the hymns I grew up hearing every Sunday. I can still remember Dad playing the piano and Granny singing in the choir, and the way that whole experience became a part of me after a while. 


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