(album cover for "Leaving the Chrysalis" - designed by Joe Bill Schirtzinger)



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This is an instrumental piano album which was inspired by my own journey through life.  I hope it will resonate with many of you as well.  It loosely follows the path of a caterpillar who changes into a butterfly through the difficult process of going into a chrysalis and experiencing a complete transformation.  It is a metaphor for the intense difficulty involved in truly experiencing a real change in your life, whether that change is physical, spiritual, or emotional.  On the other side, you emerge as something different than what you were when you went in.


The interplay between the art and the music on this album was interesting... Joe Bill listened to the first couple of songs that I had recorded, and listened to my vision for the album, then he designed the cover you see above.  When I first saw the cover, it wasn't what I had pictured at all, but the more I looked at it over the following weeks, the more it resonated with me.   At that point, the songs I continued to record were influenced by the art which the songs originally inspired.  It was an experience I've never had, where art influenced art, which in turn influenced art.


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This is the first song I've recorded for the new instrumental piano album "Leaving the Chrysalis."  I think this album may be a little darker and more powerful, but I'd like to hear your comments.  I'm using a different piano sound, which I think you'll appreciate.  This may not be the final mix, but I wanted you to hear what I have so far on it.  Enjoy.  :)

This is the second song for my new instrumental piano album "Leaving the Chrysalis." 

The third instrumental piano song for my in-progress album "Leaving the Chrysalis."


This song is about that feeling of expectation which comes before an experience of change.  For the caterpillar, it is the process of awakening to the reality that something is shifting beneath the surface, and that things may never be the same again.

The fifth song for my new instrumental piano album "Leaving the Chrysalis."   (I'm interested in your thoughts... is this one *too* dark?  Does it fit the album?)

The fifth song for my album "Leaving the Chrysalis."

This is the sixth song for the "Leaving the Chrysalis" album.  This would represent the time of perfect peace as the caterpillar is fully settled into the chrysalis stage, and of course can also be a metaphor for a human in a similar position in life.  I'd be interested to hear any feedback you might give.  :)

This song represents the time after the caterpillar has turned into a butterfly inside the chrysalis, and is beginning to feel restless and ready to emerge.  It may also be useful as a metaphor for a spiritual restlessness as one is about to emerge after a deep change.

The eighth song and the title track for my album "Leaving the Chrysalis."

The ninth song for my new album "Leaving the Chrysalis."

The tenth and final song for my new album "Leaving the Chrysalis."  The butterfly settles in to his new life.  :)